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How the photocopier changed the world

by endroar
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In 1944, Chester Carlson received a call from a non-profit organization called the Battle Memorial Institute. Chester then began to develop his invention anew. In 1947, the Halide Corporation licensed electrophotography equipment from the Battle Memorial Institute. The company then changed the name Electrophotography and named the machine Xerox Machine. In 1948, the Xerox trademark was collected. The company produced the first xerographic copier model in 1949. Everything changed in 1959, when Xerox introduced the photocopier machine. The first photocopier machine was called the Xerox 914. It was the world's first easy-to-use photocopier machine. The photocopier could produce about 2,000 copies per month. The company that made the Xerox 914 photocopier started its journey in 1961 as the famous Xerox Corporation.

Source: The Atlantic


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