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How the hall full of spectators turned into a stage of murder

by endroar

Meanwhile inside the theater there were few minutes left for the concert to start. There were some who thought that the sound of gunshots outside, the commotion was around the concert. Sofiko Virikashvili is one of them. He said, 'Initially, it seemed that firecrackers were going off. At this time, look around the hall. Another time later. The third time I realized that everyone in the hall was running wherever they could.'

Photographer Dave Primev said, after the attack, the audience in the theater started running. Panic spread. Some try to lie down in the middle of the row of seats. But there was little chance of protection from the few gunners firing.

Apart from this, those in the audience who could, were running towards the stage. Others were looking for a way out. But some of the doors were locked. Witnesses said the gunmen attacked everyone from the elderly to children.

Margarita Bunova took off her opera glasses as soon as she heard the sound of fireworks and thought the concert was about to begin. It soon turned into an explosive situation. Margarita and her husband realize that shots are being fired.


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