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How often to iron and how to clean it

by endroar
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The easiest way to clean an iron is to use an iron descaler. Iron descaler is a liquid specially formulated for cleaning irons. Iron descaler is not manufactured in our country. But there are alternatives. Irons can be easily cleaned using various household materials.

If desired, you can clean the iron using vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid. In this case any one of these three should be used. Do not mix all together. Mixing it all together can ruin the ironing.

Citric acid, vinegar or lemon juice—whichever you use, mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio. After preparing the solution in this way, follow the procedure below—

1. Pour the mixture into the iron's water reservoir.

2. Plug in the iron. Set the iron to a temperature high enough to generate steam. Allow the iron to heat up for 15 minutes. Wet the iron plate of the iron with a little water.

3. Continue to iron a garment using the 'Steam function' of the iron. Iron until the water reservoir is empty.

4. Unplug the iron and disconnect it from the power line. Allow the iron to cool.

5. Empty the reservoir. Rinse with clean water.

6. Insert the iron's plug back into the power line. Produce clean water vapor.

7. Disconnect the iron from the electrical connection. After cooling, rinse the water reservoir one last time with water.


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