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How many things were lost between that Padma and this Padma

by endroar
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There was a system in the cabins of the ship, but it is also a prime example of our Bengalis being untidy. Not everyone could afford to enter there by paying 20 rupees per head. There are many stories of these sufferings along the river. But this suffering was all? There was nothing else along the river, which helped us in many ways. Which is not only memorization, but also another level of understanding of life.

Those events are never important to us. But civilization has always been built around rivers. How many people's livelihood, how many people lost their homes and stories of new land, how many cultures are built around the river, that price is low!

There are many things that people do not know, which they do not remember consciously. And who does not know that relief forgets everything. So we have forgotten now, while traveling through this road, we could see settlements touching the water on both sides of the river. Children splashing in the padma. Sarmeya is running along the edge of the suddenly awakened sand. Who knows where they came from in the uninhabited pastures in this river! Leaning on the railing of the ferry, one could see the view of the water moving forward. And there was a story of destruction.

The stream trickles through the roots of middle-aged trees. In the morning, the courtyard of the house where the paddy was exposed to the sun, in the afternoon there is no sign of that courtyard. This happened during the rainy season in fee year. Standing on the balcony of the launch, a group of helpless people could be seen running with their houses broken. Mother's grave will sink after one more day. The children are kneeling in the water and raising their hands to plead to the Creator for the last time. The grave is sinking little by little in front of his eyes. Or the housewives wept after lighting the evening lamp for the last time in the Tulsitala of the house.

On the contrary, new char has risen somewhere. People have buried trees to take possession of themselves after settling there. The sun shines on the new tin rice. The woman who has just lost her home irrigates the new land and gives the tip of the rice to the tin rice. A new life has started again. This is the rule of the river. We have seen this game of breaking and making as we go along that Padma.


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