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Home Business How is the exam and marks in the new curriculum?

How is the exam and marks in the new curriculum?

by endroar
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Admission test or job test is actually ranking test. Those involved in taking the test there will decide how the student will be tested on which questions. But such examination should contain questions which are aligned with previously acquired qualifications. If a qualification in school life was 'to be able to swim', it would be for an entrance test or a job test—who can swim first.

The new curriculum is called 'experience-based'. The course aims to make the student fit for progressively higher qualifications by taking into account his current experience. At the same time, this course has practical work so that he can apply the skills acquired in his real life.

Many parents do not understand the principles of the new curriculum but appreciate the students' participation. Now students are writing on their own, discussing with each other, creating new things, experimenting with hands-on. Parents can see that the student who used to memorize reading before, is now reading with comprehension.


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