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Home Business How is that hero of the movie 'Anil Bagchir Ekdan'?

How is that hero of the movie 'Anil Bagchir Ekdan'?

by endroar
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Aref of 'Anil Bagchir Ekad' could not survive

Aref Syed had a lot of desire for acting. That is why he studied acting from Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York, USA. Not abroad, he thought he would have acted back home. Came to the country. But he did not get much response even after coming to the country for acting. Even he has to be disappointed.

After many attempts he acted in a short film. It is appreciated in the festivals of the country and abroad. That short was screened at the Russian Cultural Center. Producer Morshedul Islam was present there. This talented director praised Aref after seeing the movie. After that there was no talk with this director. Meanwhile, this young man is traveling for acting.


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