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How is Marquez's last novel?

by endroar

I have not had to 'pre-order' any of Marques' previous books, which is a new experience for me as a reader. And the wait was quite exciting. After returning home from office, I started reading the book. Until August –It is called 'The Lost Novel' on its cover. Why did I read 'The Last Novel'! However, although the book is advertised as a 'novel', its word count seems to be around 25,000. As such it is appropriate to call it a 'novela', not a 'novel'. And is it correct to say 'lost'? Rather 'abandoned' might be better. Because Gabo didn't want to reveal it. Such was his instruction, but this novelist finally saw the light due to the wishes of his children. Whether it is a betrayal of the father's will or not, may be debated in the world of literature for a long time. However, as a reader, how many would want to lose the opportunity to get hold of a new book by García Márquez!

But to be honest, after reading the first two chapters of the book, I was quite disappointed. I felt like I was reading a well-written and high-quality 'erotica'. I was surprised to find, what is the reason? While thinking, I realized that perhaps one of the main reasons behind this is that there is only one important character in this novel. Even another short book by this author No One Writes to the Colonel –Although its protagonist is one, there are also significant other characters. I quickly remember the colonel's wife, their dead children and some of the neighbors. And also about the second 'protagonist' rooster. but Until August –There is no such crowd of characters. As the protagonist, Anna Magdalena Bach alone is everything. There is talk of her husband and family, of her dead mother, but their presence is much like the shadows of the village palm trees, which do not exactly cast a dark line; Not on the pages of the book, not in the mind of the reader.


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