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How I Got ICCR Scholarship

by endroar

I think an opportunity to study abroad under a government scholarship should never be missed, even if it is Nepal or Bhutan. Because, in another country, in a different environment, there is much to learn beyond academic studies. As I studied in Kerala along with getting an idea about their different culture. Many of my classmates are from different countries including Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, Lesotho, Guyana. As a result, I got an international atmosphere. We used to try recipes from different countries every day. People of different countries, languages ​​and religions used to hang out together in different festivals. We learned about each other's culture, joined a great network. These are great finds.

For those applying for this scholarship, I would say start researching different universities and subjects from now. Check the online application rules and prepare the documents. If there is a deficiency in English language skills, work on it. Besides, experience in co-curricular activities will also put you ahead. There is a Facebook group called ICCR Bangladesh, of which I am the moderator. You can learn a lot by joining this group.


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