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How General Ershad seized power

by endroar
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The late politician Maudood Ahmad later rose to Deputy Prime Minister, Prime Minister and Vice President in the government of General Ershad. He has written a book titled 'Challenges of Democracy and Development, Context: Politics and Military Rule in Bangladesh'.

Maudud Ahmad wrote in his book, 'On March 23, 1982, the military leaders met together to finalize the plan and strategy of a coup. The army finally seized power on March 24, 128 days after the presidential election and 270 days (9 months) after Zia's death.'

But on the day Ziaur Rahman was killed, General Ershad could have seized power. He did not take that chance.

Maudood Ahmad has also highlighted the reason for this in his book. He wrote, General Ershad and the then generals did not want to take responsibility for Zia's murder. If they took power that day, they would have been doubted by the public. Consequently, this was a major factor in delaying the seizure of power.


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