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Home Business How forest workers spend Eid in Gohin Sundarbans

How forest workers spend Eid in Gohin Sundarbans

by endroar
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Eid day means an opportunity to spend time with family. Eid means returning home with pulse. But not everyone can do that. Among such people are the employees of the forest department engaged in protecting the Sundarbans.

According to the sources of the forest department, every year during Eid poachers gangs hunt wild animals including deer in the Sundarbans. Therefore, all officers and forest guards working in Sundarban forest department have been instructed to cancel their leave and remain at work on Eid.

Talked to some officers and forest guards of different forest stations and patrol posts of Sundarbans on Thursday, Eid morning. They said, if everyone goes on holiday together, who will monitor the Sundarbans? Even if it is bad to stay in the forest on Eid day, it is their responsibility to ensure the protection of the Sundarbans.


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