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Home Business How Eid is spent in two borderless villages on the border

How Eid is spent in two borderless villages on the border

by endroar
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There are two shops in Haritdah area of ​​the border. One of the two shops is owned by Shariful Islam. Chatting in that shop with two female students from Chak Panitar village. One is Maryam Khatun; Sixth class student of Panitar High School. Another is Maria Khatun; Eighth grade student of the same school. They came to the store to buy soft drinks. They said that here people of two villages of two countries offer Eid prayers together. There is no obstacle. However, if relatives come from outside, they have to take permission from the Indian Border Guard Force (BSF). How many days you will stay at a relative's house should be informed in advance by showing your identity card (Aadhaar card). However, there is no such obligation on Bangladesh's side.

Mariam and Maria also said that the residents of these two border villages are related to each other. They go to each other's houses on the occasion of Eid. Earlier relatives used to come from far away. Now nobody wants to come because of strictness.


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