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Home Business How did Israel prevent Iran's attack at what cost?

How did Israel prevent Iran's attack at what cost?

by endroar
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Israel's military says 170 drones were sent from Iran to carry out the attack. These are probably drones of the Shahed genre. They were destroyed before reaching Israeli airspace.

Israel had enough time to counter the Iranian drones. These slow drones take about six hours to reach Israel from Iran.

However, some Israeli media reported that Iran also used high-speed drones in the attack.

The sudden participation of countries other than the United States in deterring Iran's attacks may come as a surprise. But Israel and its allies have had plenty of time to plan to counter the attack.

Iran attacked Israel 10 days after the US first warned of Tehran's retaliation. Since then, the US and UK have begun transferring military equipment to the Middle East as part of preparations to prevent an attack.


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