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How ancient is the 150 feet high twin minar mosque

by endroar
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At the intersection of the narrow streets of Old Dhaka, the eight-story Aga Masih Jame Mosque stands with the glory of ancient tradition and the beauty and splendor of modern architecture. Just looking at the mosque, one will realize that its grandeur is different.

The main entrance on the east side is arched. Projected forward. One has to push through colorfully designed glass drawers to get inside. Verses of the Holy Quran engraved on the inner marble slabs, glass panes with flower and leaf designs, shiny tiles with golden, silver, brown designs in various colors, minarets made of colored glass and granite stones on both sides of the main mihrab with handicrafts, small mihrabs of teak wood designed doors. , colorful atmosphere with ceiling chandeliers.

Aga Masih Lane Mosque has two minarets. The height of the two minar is about one and a half hundred feet. Colored lights are installed inside the minar. In the evening, when the lamps are lit, the minar looks very beautiful.


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