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Home Business How Alonso and Leverkusen embraced 'immortality'

How Alonso and Leverkusen embraced 'immortality'

by endroar
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Such a day comes rarely or never. For such a day people sit as pilgrim crows. Will you come? Most of the time it doesn't come. Most people don't know what the joy of such a moment can be. But one day the grace of Bhagyadevi happened. Bring gift twigs for the lucky ones. For those people who don't know what the joy of the festival can be! Those who do not know the meaning of celebration or the color of joy!

When success began to fall at their feet, people did not know how to embrace that good fortune. They have forgotten when to laugh, and when to cry! Like Rabindranath Tagore's lines—'They only laugh, only sing, want to die laughing—/Know no pain, no cry….'

So their emotions are bound, their celebrations are crazy. That's why they can't wait for the match to end. He came down to the field earlier. The referee also had to blow the final whistle shortly before 90 minutes to prevent them from celebrating. People who have become 'Neverkusen' day by day have to be given a chance to celebrate a little earlier.


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