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Home Business Hostage sailors in Somalia are fine: Hasan Mahmoud

Hostage sailors in Somalia are fine: Hasan Mahmoud

by endroar
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Hasan Mahmud also said, 'The statement of that family is that the situation in which the police shot was not necessary. The police have a different opinion. That young man was shot six times, it's very sad.'

It should be noted that 19-year-old Win Rosary was shot dead by the police at his home in New York last Wednesday. The young man's home is in Gazipur.

Regarding the relationship between Bangladesh and the United States, the foreign minister said, 'The United States is our close ally. Recently, through the letter of US President Joe Biden and the return letter of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we are working with the aim of taking our closeness, friendship and relationship to a higher level.


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