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Honey theft cannot be prevented

by endroar

A moual was selling Sundarban honey in Burigoalini area. He said on condition of anonymity that he has been extracting honey from the Sundarbans for 10 years. They said that four of them entered the Sundarbans on March 16 and extracted two maunds of honey. When asked about getting less honey if chak is cut before the season, he said that before April, less honey is available in chak but there is a lot of chak in the forest. Honey can be extracted as desired. At this time, a cup of honey is available from 400 grams to one kilogram. At present, the honey of Khalisa, Lata, Hetali and Garan flowers is easily collected in the Sundarbans. They said that they are selling honey at the rate of Tk 1,200 to Tk 1,300 per kg. However, this Moual said that if honey was extracted from these teapots in the second and third week of April, a minimum of five kilograms of honey would be obtained per teapot.

Nurul Alam, Assistant Range Officer of West Sundarbans Satkhira Range, said that honey extraction started from April 1. But before that, multiple circles are extracting honey by stealing. In order to stop the theft, the pass (permit) for catching fish and crabs in the rivers of Sundarbans should be stopped for two months after honey extraction.

Nurul Alam also said that at least five kg of honey was available in the tea, if honey was extracted before April, no more than 500 grams of honey was available in that tea. These gangs are stealing 40-50% of the honey that is extracted from Satkhira range in April-May. The officer expressed his helplessness as he could not prevent the theft due to manpower shortage.


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