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Hoja river is disappearing

by endroar

At the southern end of Hoja River, I spoke to a man named Ariful Islam. He has a shop selling shoes by the river. He said that all types of municipal waste are dumped in this river. People urinate standing on the river. Can't stay smelly. Even if you agree to throw garbage here, no one listens. The river here has narrowed in width to dump the garbage.

Going a little further eastwards, Md. Talked to a person named Santu Ali (67). He is a bamboo trader. He was dipping bamboo in Hoja river with two workers. He said, 'I was born by the river. When I was 10-12 years old, I was afraid to go down in this river. Even at a young age, fear did not descend. In the eighties the first began to dry up. There are many canals along the river. There, the mouths of the rivers have been blocked by ponds.

Hasanuzzaman Tutul, a local resident, built a two-storey building on the north side of the river in Singa Bazar of the municipality. Local people complained that he occupied a part of the river and constructed the building. However, denying this accusation, Hasanuzzaman said that he did not occupy the river but built the building on his own land. Just east of it, local Israfil Hussain is alleged to have occupied a part of the river and constructed a tin shed warehouse. It was not possible to meet and talk with him there. Later, when trying to contact the mobile phone, it is found to be switched off.


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