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Home Business 'Hearing the price of hilsa makes his head spin'

'Hearing the price of hilsa makes his head spin'

by endroar
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God's gift of Hilsa House of Port Road Mokam. Emon said that the price of fish has increased by Tk 10-20 thousand per maund in the last three days. The price will increase further.
Barisal's Bangla Bazar and Chowmatha Bazar can be seen that the supply of hilsa in the retail market is very low. A buyer named Rakibul Islam said on Tuesday night that the price of one kilogram of hilsa has risen to Tk 3,000 in Chaumatha market. He could not buy the fish even for two thousand rupees.

Crowds of buyers can be seen visiting the fish market of Barguna city on Wednesday afternoon. The price of fish is also high. A fishmonger named Milan charged the price of a pair of hilsa at four and a half thousand taka. Two hilsa weigh less than one kilogram.

A buyer named GM Farooq said, 'Hearing the price of hilsa fish in the market makes his head spin. Not only hilsa, but all fish prices are almost double. We cannot afford to buy fish at such a price.'


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