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He fed the birds at dawn for an age

by endroar

Sandipta Saha continued to say that until he gave the food, the birds waited on the branches of the trees in the shade behind the shop. As soon as the tin rice is given food, the birds start chirping and eating. He used to give food on the street, then the birds did not want to eat because of fear. Later he served food on tin rice. Since then the birds eat without fear. Even when his shop was closed during Corona, he regularly fed the birds.

Sandipta gives bread, biscuits and fried onion powder as food. He said that hawks, sparrows, doves, pigeons and pigeons come more often. He said, he is happy to feed the birds. His two sons Sajal Saha and Eman Saha feed the birds if he is unable to come to the shop.


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