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Growth in industry and services is slowing

by endroar
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The agriculture sector has done well

Economists say that the crisis in agriculture was less compared to the crisis faced by various sectors of the economy for almost two years. Domestic production increased due to decrease in import of agricultural products including onions. Again, the prices of agricultural products produced in the country including vegetables have also increased by leaps and bounds. Apart from this, the government has also taken various steps so that the production of the agricultural sector is not disrupted. As a result, all parties involved in the agricultural sector, including farmers, have more or less benefited. Due to this, the growth of this sector has increased.

Golam Moazzem said that despite the crisis in the economy, the government has been able to maintain the supply of essential materials including fertilizer, seeds and water in the agricultural sector. Compared to the impact of the crisis on the industry and service sector, there has been less disruption in agriculture. As a result, the value addition in this sector has increased. According to him, the increase in the growth of the agricultural sector is positive for the economy and the country. As the growth in this sector increases, the worry about food security will decrease.


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