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Government universities are behind in forming grievance committee

by endroar

In the exchange meeting yesterday, UGC member Professor Biswajit Chand said that the rate of formation of complaint committee has increased in the last two years. However, the number of committees in public universities is less than that of private universities. In response to a question, Biswajit Chand said that 45 out of 61 government universities (73 percent) and 97 out of 105 private universities (92 percent) have grievance committees.

Blast's research report presented at the exchange meeting is titled 'Sexual Harassment Complaints and Remedies in Higher Education Institutions of Bangladesh in the Light of Right to Information Act'. Tahmina Rahman, a member of Blast's Board of Trustees, led the research. In the discussion meeting, he said, whenever a big case like Avantika's (a student at Jagannath University) happens, the issues of sexual harassment come to the fore. Such incidents could have been remedied if the complaints committee had followed the instructions of the High Court regarding the complaints.


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