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Home Business Government jobs are also 'stolen'

Government jobs are also 'stolen'

by endroar
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They are employed in various government institutions including Bangladesh Railway, Police, Fire Service, District Commissioner's office. Most of them are in railways. Many of them have dual national identity cards. Some have even taken jobs by showing their low educational qualifications without mentioning the actual educational qualifications.

Candidates who prove themselves qualified by studying and passing exams through hard work get jobs. If one wants to get a government job, one has to work a little harder.

As a result of so much hard work, sacrifice and patience, every boy and girl dreams of their future beautiful life with the hope of getting the much desired job. After years of tireless work, the job seeker and his family members hope to get a government job.

Unfortunately, this hope is dashed when some self-interested people misuse their power to allow unqualified candidates to join the job. Also, some government job aspirants have a tendency to easily grab the jobs due to other qualified candidates through cheating and forgery. For this, they resort to hiding information, fraud, distortion, making national identity cards several times, giving bribes, etc.


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