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Good day at the duck farm

by endroar
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Many times, his wife, two sons started earning income by doing various jobs in Dhaka. Mahuba later started to save some money even after paying off the debts of the creditors with their earnings. He built a tin shed in the village with about seven lakhs of savings. In 2020, the family became unemployed in Dhaka due to Corona. In this, the tension in managing the family started again.

He was forced to leave Dhaka with his family and returned to the village. Due to the corona ban, it became difficult to leave the village house at that time. In this situation, Mahubare spends sleepless nights worrying about managing the family. He started thinking about doing something that would earn him good income to run the family. Just then the idea of ​​duck rearing came to his mind. He bought 500 chicks and started rearing ducks by leasing the 18th century pond next to the house. He built a duck house on the pond.

Mohubar Hossain said, currently there are 1000 ducks in his farm. Out of this, 500 ducks are laying eggs every day. He is selling those eggs from home as a 70 taka hali.


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