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Home Business Going to the 'home' of the poor on Eid and coming to town for 'Khairat'

Going to the 'home' of the poor on Eid and coming to town for 'Khairat'

by endroar
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There are second class people, when they get leave, they go somewhere inside the country. Cox's Bazar, Kuakata, Bandarban, Khagrachari, Rangamati or Sylhet, Sundarbans, Srimangal, Tanguar Haor etc.

There is a third class of people, who live in the city but do not own the city. They built the city's buildings, roads, metrorail, elevated expressways. But they have no right to stay and drive in those buildings. They come to the city for livelihood. At the end of the month, send the money you get to your relatives in the village. Even if he borrows, he buys new clothes for his wife, son, daughter, mother and father during Eid.

After becoming a garment factory now village girls have also become city-oriented and self-reliant. They also shop for relatives on Eid. Eid is a source of joy for some but a source of sadness for many. Every year before Eid there is a problem with giving salary and bonus to the workers. State Minister for Labor Nazrul Islam Chowdhury has called on the owners to give salary and bonus to workers in all factories before Eid. But not all owners listened to him.

Before Eid, the owners have closed some factories without giving salary and bonus. The workers of these factories cannot celebrate Eid. You may not even be able to go home.
And the situation of the workers who work in the informal sector is even worse. Many organizations do not have a wage structure. It all depends on the owner. Many employers employ younger and novice workers to the exclusion of older workers; So that salaries and allowances have to be paid less. There are also owners who do not allow workers or car drivers to complete the year. Bonus is to be paid only when the year is complete.


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