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Gmail in 20 years

by endroar
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Maria Fernandez, product manager and senior director at Gmail, said, “We take the need to build things that matter very seriously. With a product like Gmail, there are high expectations as well as reliability. Organizations need to take extra care to test new features so that the product is not affected. That's why Google hasn't made any major changes to Mail for so long. Programs like online communication, group chats, corporate messaging have been launched but they have been done outside of Gmail. E-mail is still in place. This is still at the center of communication.

The biggest complaint against Gmail right now is that it's too slow for everyday communication. But it is still considered as the 'passport of the Internet'. Using an e-mail address can be done online. It is now one's online identity. In the eyes of technology analysts, Gmail has become the de facto address for doing anything online these days. It seems that Gmail has been a part of the Internet for a long time and will retain its appeal for a long time.

According to The Verge. Mintu Hossain


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