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'Girls want to be players like me'

by endroar

Feroza is now dreaming about her daughter. Her dream is that one day her daughter will be a player like her mother.

Feroza said, 'Girls also want to be players like me. Girl likes cricket more. Sometimes I want to be a runner like my mother. What the girl likes, will be. I just told him to move forward with any goal. If many things want to happen at the same time, then nothing can happen.'

Regarding how far the girls of the country have progressed in sports, Feroza said, 'Earlier we used to spend the whole year on the field playing sports, now girls are not able to stay on the field like that. There is pressure to study. In addition to lack of will on the part of parents, schools are not creating opportunities in that way. But it is also true, if someone has a strong desire to play, one or the other way will come out.'

On the situation of girls' sports in Mymensingh, Feroza said that girls are more interested in playing cricket than any other sport. As a result, the presence of girls in other sports is less. Team sports are not beneficial if everyone is not present.

Feroza said, so far the presence of girls from lower middle class families is more in various sports.

If you want to play, you don't just have to quit training. Travel costs. You have to eat well. If you think about what the girls will eat after the game, the game won't happen. So the government has to take the initiative to increase the presence of girls in sports.


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