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Home Business Girls take wisdom from Runa aunty: Alamgir

Girls take wisdom from Runa aunty: Alamgir

by endroar
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Famous actor Mohiuddin Ahmed Alamgir. There was a time, when hero Alamgir's movies meant something great, fans would rush to the halls. He has been in the acting world for more than 50 years.
It's old now. Alamgir answered questions like how the time is passing or where are the children. She appeared with daughter Ankhi Alamgir in a private television Eid program.
The actor said, 'Son looks after my business. The younger girl is a housewife. And draw All my love, whatever I have, goes to my grandchildren. There are two grandsons, they are twins. One of them is bigger than a minute. He saw my walk. Then he says, he will walk like me. What a six-year-old child! I will walk and walk! Dress up and stand in front of the mirror and say, “Hi Alamgir, how are you?” Calling himself Alamgir. So their joy, this joy is unusual.


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