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Home Business Girl's surgery money burned in fire, hope burned

Girl's surgery money burned in fire, hope burned

by endroar
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Daughter Arpita Das is undergoing treatment at Bandar Hospital for several days. He will have an operation. Swamihara Sugandha Das tried hard to make the girl healthy. He kept 50 thousand rupees in the cupboard. But today, Monday, everything was burnt to ashes in a momentary fire. Along with that, the hope of recovering the girl is also burnt.

A fire incident took place in Firingibazar Tekpara (Jelepara) of the city today at 1:20 PM. Sugandha Das was at Port Hospital. He is a temporary worker of Chittagong port. On hearing the news of the fire, the mother and daughter immediately rushed to Tekpara. But by then it was all over.

Arpita Das, with a cannula in her hand, hugged her mother and cried. Who will comfort whom? Their tears were like the uncertainty of the future. Sugandha has a son and a daughter. Husband died in 2017. He worked at the port. Sugandha took a job as a temporary worker after her husband died. Arpita is in class IX. Son Chamak is two years older than sister. He doesn't do anything.


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