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Ghazal and Qawwali are the food of my soul

by endroar

Mahtim Shakib Photo: Collected

Prothom-alo :

You started with song covers. He could have released original songs if he wanted, why didn't he walk that way?

The purpose of covering my song was twofold. One. I wanted to be in front of people. Because, the same song is liked by the audience in different versions. did that I also got an introduction. Secondly, I wanted, if the audience knew me through the cover, then I would play the songs I liked later. I walked as per my plan. And in the beginning I could do basic songs but maybe I wasn't that mature in melody.

Prothom-alo :

What is your plan with ghazal, qawwali?

Where it doesn't sell, it's hard to sell. That's why I chose ghazals and qawwalis for soul food.

Prothom-alo :

How many songs did you sing for Eid?

So far I have done eight to nine songs for this Eid. Some more songs to be sung. Apart from this, there are also songs done earlier. I have also sung in plays. But which songs will be released on Eid, I can't say yet. Because many say that the song will be released on Eid. I don't know whether to give or not. That is why it is difficult to say the exact number.


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