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Genocide recognition and accountability is essential

by endroar
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Highlighting the importance of prosecuting crimes such as genocide, Elisa said, if people involved in genocide are not prosecuted and held accountable, there is a three times greater risk of them engaging in such acts again in the future.

The director of the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention said that in 1971, the people of Bangladesh suffered a heinous genocide in the history of human civilization. Three million people died. More than one crore people have taken refuge in India. 2 to 4 lakh women are victims of rape. When the West Pakistanis were losing the war, they killed the intellectuals in December. Many journalists used the word 'genocide' during the war in Bangladesh. In 1972, the report of the International Commission of Jurists said that 'Acts of Genocide' had been committed here.

After 50 years, the Lemkin Institute and Genocide Watch officially recognized the 1971 genocide, Elisa Forge said, the Bangladesh genocide is taught as a case study at the university level in various places. But this massacre did not attract the attention of the world in that way. He believes that the internal political situation of post-independence Bangladesh, the importance of Pakistan to the Western world in geopolitics and the involvement of the United States are among the reasons.


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