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Gabtali terminal is empty, no rush for advance tickets

by endroar

Prothom Alo spoke to two people who bought tickets from this transport. A person who did not wish to be named said that during normal times the rent is charged at Tk 600-650 in non AC till Mujibnagar. I bought a ticket for the 8th day of the Eid journey to this destination, 100 taka more, for 750 taka.

In this regard, Shahjahan told Prothom Alo, 'At other times, we transport passengers for less than the fixed fare of BRTA. But on Eid, passengers are charged BRTA fixed fare. Many commuters talk about extra fares because they don't know BRTA fares.'

In the past, long queues of people were seen in front of the counter to get advance tickets. Many people used to stand in queues from early morning to buy tickets. The representatives of the transport company said that nothing has been seen this year.

From 10:30 am to 11:30 pm, 13 passengers were seen talking to each other in an hour, of whom only three came to the terminal for advance tickets. The rest are today's passengers.


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