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Home Business From BUET to private universities, what happened to the new student politics?

From BUET to private universities, what happened to the new student politics?

by endroar
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Recently, questions were raised after two BUET students were given posts in the full committee of the Chhatra League.

Then the Central President of Chhatra League said that these two students will manage the activities of the Central Executive Council. They have no involvement with the internal student politics of BUET. And whether there will be internal politics in BUET or not, that is the matter of BUET administration and students.

One has to be surprised to see the politics of the ruling student leaders. Under the pressure of the movement, they can cover their necks, as well as understand the situation, they can take on the role of the armed forces with sticks. No other university student like Buet ever spoke for such politics. They think that if student parliaments are implemented, it is possible to establish the desired political rights of students.

The Chhatra League has announced committees in five departments of the private North South University amid the current controversy over the absence of BUET's student politics. They now plan to increase their political and organizational activities in private universities. Earlier in September 2022, 16 private universities including North South University, BRAC University formed their organizing committee. It was opposed by several private university authorities at that time. They officially said that student politics will not be allowed in the university campus.


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