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Fragrant perfumes and colorful hats

by endroar
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Shoppers are busy buying not only new Punjabi-pajamas, but also fragrant perfumes and colorful hats for the Eid day. In different areas of the city, the sellers are now sitting with hats and prayer mats. Apart from this, perfumes, hats and tasbih are being sold in various elite markets. Andarqilla Shahi Jame Masjid Market in Chittagong is famous for Atar, Hats, Zaynamaz and Tasbihar. Buyers are looking for their favorite scents in the shops inside the market. Apart from this, they are buying jainamaz, hats, tasbih, meswak etc. Not only in the market, but also on the sidewalk in front of the mosque, buying and selling of hats and prayers is going on.


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