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Four of fine arts

by endroar
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Shahnewaz Kakali, Filmmaker

How the inclination to paint was pressed into the head

From childhood, he used to draw walls, soil, notebooks, flowers, vines, leaves, people, scenes, designs, whatever he wanted to draw with chalk-pencil. Elders used to say that he has the hand to draw pictures. Maybe that's where the inspiration came from.

Dear painter

Many old masters including Gustav Klimt, Van Gogh. Local artists Zainul Abedin, Hashem Khan, Abdus Sattar, Farida Zaman, Mohammad Yunus. Indian artists Lalu Prasad Sau, Jamini Roy etc.

I want to go back to the time of student life

In the art classroom, in the tea party at Mullah's shop. I want to roll around and laugh with my girlfriends.

If I had a year off

If food, shelter, money were assured, I would clean the whole city with a broom. Because cleaning is the biggest industry.

The last film that moved the mind

yet sneeze I can't forget the movie. Any animal movie moves me.

I obey the one called Guru

Hashem Khan in painting, Azizur Rahman in film.


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