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Home Business Former UP chairman who escaped from court is in jail

Former UP chairman who escaped from court is in jail

by endroar
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According to the case documents, the little-known business group Hall-Mark Group took Tk 2,686 crore 14 lakh in the name of loan from Rupsi Bangla (now Hotel Intercontinental) branch of Sonali Bank in 2011. This incident of loan fraud then sparked discussions across the country. Then the then board of directors of Sonali Bank was abolished. Some officials of Sonali Bank were also arrested.

11 cases were registered in Ramna Police Station of the capital in the case of Hallmark Group's loan fraud. The verdict in the first case came from the trial court on March 19.

The case was filed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on October 4, 2012 at Ramna police station. The accused have been charged in the case with conspiracy, abuse of power and misappropriation of money, cheating, forgery, embezzlement and money laundering. In this case, an allegation of embezzlement of Tk 10 crore 50 lakh was made through fraud.


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