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Home Business For the first time in the cultivation of black cumin seeds

For the first time in the cultivation of black cumin seeds

by endroar
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Syed Ali, a farmer of Omarpur village, said, 'I have never cultivated Kalijira before. I planted Kalijira in one bigha of land last Kartik month with the help of Agriculture Department. Harvested two days ago. Got about four manas of Kalijira. Kalijira can be sold for 10 to 12 thousand taka per maund. Five thousand rupees were spent on cultivation. I have benefited a lot.'

Local farmers said that they used to cultivate wheat in these lands before cultivating Kalijira. Seven to eight maunds of wheat were available in one bigha of land. Wheat could be sold at 15 to 16 hundred rupees per maund. As such, Kalijira cultivation is much more profitable. Farmer Majid Molla said, 'Kalijira has benefited a lot by cultivating one bigha of land. Seeing their success, many more are now motivated to cultivate Kalijira.'

Lal Mia and Wazed Mawla of Omarpur village said that they will also cultivate Kalijira in the future. Many others like them have decided to cultivate Kalijira.


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