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'Flow' to ease coastal water woes

by endroar

In Shyamnagar, public health department has more than 8000 sources of water including Pond Sand Filter (PSF), RWH (Rain Water Harvesting), Deep and Shallow Tube Wells, RO (Reverse Osmosis), MAR (Manage Aquifer Research), Ponds, Dighi to solve water problems. Among the 12 unions of the upazila, Kaikhali, Burigoalini, Padmapukur, Gabura, Atulia, Nurnagar and Ishwaripur unions have more water shortage. However, the private sector has created some fresh water sources in the township.

Going to the safe drinking water project 'Prabaha' water plant in Shyamnagar's Burigoalini private sector, one can see a long queue of people to get water since morning. Some of them came from two-three kilometers away. They take water at the rate of 30 paisa per liter. The flow project has set up a total of eight water desalination plants in Shyamnagar, Asashuni and Nalta upazilas of Satkhira district. Through which thousands of people are getting benefits.


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