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Find and honor those who work silently for the welfare of people: PM

by endroar

Sheikh Hasina said, 'No matter what the plot of history distortion is, today's new generation wants to know and understand the history of the liberation war. He wants to move forward with that motivation. And wants to build life. And this is the biggest message of hope in front of us.'

On March 15, the cabinet announced the names of 10 winners of this year's Freedom Award in a press release. The awardees are, Kazi Abdus Satta's heroism in the freedom and liberation war, hero freedom fighter Flight Sergeant Md. Fazlul Haque (posthumous) and brave freedom fighter Shaheed Abu Naeem. Najib Uddin Khan (Khurram) (Posthumous). Dr. in science and technology. Mubarak Ahmad Khan. Dr. in medicine. Harishankar Das. Mohammad Rafiquzzaman in culture. Turquoise khatun in the sports field. Aranya Chiran in society or public service, heroic freedom fighter Professor Dr. Mullah Obaidullah Baki and SM Abraham Lincoln.

Cabinet Secretary. Mahbub Hossain moderated the prize distribution session. He presented the brief biographies of the award winners. Mohammad Rafiquzzaman expressed his feelings on behalf of the winners of the Freedom Award-2024.

Each was awarded a 50 gram gold medal of 18 carat quality, a check for the honorarium and a certificate.

Cabinet members, Prime Minister's advisers, members of parliament, senior civil-military officials, prominent citizens of the country including poets-literary-writers as invited guests were present in the event.


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