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Female headed families are increasing in the country

by endroar
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According to the BBS report, the rate of head of household is highest among widowed and divorced women. This rate is more than 77 percent. And the head-of-household rate among distressed and divorced men is about 23 percent. It is more than the previous year.

By 2023, the rate of female heads of wealth has increased to about 19 percent. Earlier it was 17 in 2022, 16 in 2021, 15 in 2020, about 15 in 2019 and 14 percent in 2018.

Dhaka University Women and Gender Studies Department Professor Tanya Haque told Prothom Alo that one part of women's empowerment is whether women are important in making decisions in the family. If a woman is independent in the family, the education and health development in the family is more. Apart from this, women can play a major role in any family disaster due to the tendency of women to save.


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