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Fatigue will never touch you, how do you know?

by endroar

A study by the University of Georgia in the United States says that only 10 minutes of physical activity will make you active a lot. And if you exercise just 20 minutes three days a week, that will increase your performance by 20 percent. Exercise activates the mitochondria, the 'powerhouses' of our cells, which provide energy to our muscles. So if you start your morning with a swim, it becomes much easier to tackle the day efficiently.

Spend vitality to produce vitality. Then you never have to succumb to fatigue. The more work you do, the more work 'energy' you get. But there must be a balance between sleep, eating, exercise, work—everything. There is no substitute for eight hours of deep sleep every day. And if you work continuously you will get tired. If you are overworked, it will only tire you out. So you have to take breaks between work. Organize any task, divide it into several parts. It will greatly reduce the risk of work. You will not get tired easily while doing that.

Apart from this, your night sleep will also be better if you work hard. And you will feel refreshed after waking up from a deep sleep. You can easily complete all the tasks of the day. It's a cycle.


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