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Home Business Fatema has to start all over again from scratch

Fatema has to start all over again from scratch

by endroar
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Fatema said, she teaches seven students from fifth to eighth grade at home. All the students are from this slum. Tuition earns Rs 9,000 per month. Sometimes acquaintances let them sew clothes. A few thousand more money comes from there. This income covers all expenses including his education. Does not take any money from the family. However, the room where he lives is made by his brother. No need to pay rent.

Describing the incident of the fire, Fatema said, 'I was teaching on the day of the incident. I saw a house on fire nearby. Seeing the fire, I quickly left the room with my students. I have only been able to take the certificates.'

Regarding taking the education certificate with her, Fatema said, 'Four years ago, there was a fire in this slum during Corona. However, my certificate was not up to date at that time, so I survived. But my books of service were burnt. In that fire, the certificates of many of the slums were burnt. That remains in the head. So always keep the certificate close at hand.'


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