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Home Business Faruqi's 'Manogami' is coming tonight with many surprises.

Faruqi's 'Manogami' is coming tonight with many surprises.

by endroar
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As there is a story of 'monogamy', there are also stories about monogamy. In a recent press conference, artist, producer, producer Tisha said that Tisha-Farooqi's daughter Ilham has cast musician Jeffer in the film. Mustafa Sarayer Farooqui was looking for casting for 'Manogami' for a long time. Need someone fresh face. Ilham then listens to Jeffer's song 'Jhumka' regularly. He does not eat without listening to this song. Farooqui noticed one day that the casting he was looking for for the role of 'Lamia', Jeffer fit perfectly with him. Jeffer also told that story, adding his 14-year-old hairstyle change. When Jeffer got an offer to act in 'Manogami', he said that he was quite surprised.
Jeffer said, 'Farooqui Bhai's movie and to act opposite Chanchal Bhai, all in all, I couldn't believe it at first.' She further said, 'When Farooqui bhai tells me that I have to change my hair style, I get more tensed. I have had this same hairstyle for 14 years. Farooqui bhai says to trust him. I just did everything as he said.'


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