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Home Business Farmers under pressure due to additional irrigation prices

Farmers under pressure due to additional irrigation prices

by endroar
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Last Sunday, after visiting the villages of Karikanda, Nagariapara, Fakirpara and Ruhipagaria Jokabilerkanda of Kaichapur Union, the truth of the complaints of the farmers was found. Several farmers said on condition of anonymity that they make a living by farming. They are unable to give any decision as the tube well owners are demanding extra money. As the reason, they said, Bora had already cultivated paddy by borrowing. If there is a conflict with the owners of irrigation, then if irrigation is not given, the field will dry up and die due to lack of water. As a result, no one dares to protest loudly.

A farmer of Karikura village, who did not want to be named, said that he spent Tk 130,000 and planted boro on 6 acres of land. The owner of the tube well is demanding 42 thousand rupees per acre for irrigation. Already paid 20 thousand rupees in advance. If so much money is spent on the plantation, then even if the crops are cut and sold, there will be no profit. Farmers are hostage to tube well owners.

Another farmer of Fakirpara village said, 'Tk 12,000 has already been given to irrigate two acres of land. Now they are demanding another 2 thousand rupees. The phone is almost always called. I can't tell anyone, I can't take mine. If it is addressed by the government, the farmers will be greatly benefited.'


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