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Home Business Fabrics will be made of thin semiconductors

Fabrics will be made of thin semiconductors

by endroar
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Scientists at Nanyang Technological University have already created hair-thin fibers 100 meters long through mechanical engineering. Now the work of weaving cloth with this fiber is going on. A smart hat has also been developed to test the quality and performance of the fiber, which can help a visually impaired person cross the road safely by receiving signals through a mobile phone.

Scientists claim that this new invention will contribute to the development of multidimensional semiconductor fibers. Not only that, it will also develop communication technology along with the exchange of information through electricity and light. Scientist Wei Lei said, 'We have created high-quality semiconductor fibers. Fabrication of semiconductor fibers is a complex process. Our fiber technology will overcome long-standing challenges to produce defect-free fibers.'


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