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Every day five and a half thousand people eat together iftar

by endroar
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Masum Billah, who is in charge of iftari, said that before Corona, 10 thousand people were organized together. 6000 people used to break their fast while sitting in Nalta central Ahsania field. And for 4000 fasting people, Iftar was provided in different upazilas of Satkhira, Khulna and Jessore in Jhikargacha. But after Corona, iftar is not being provided outside the mission due to various reasons.

Chief Accountant of Nalta Ahsania Mission. Ebadul Haque said that at present iftar is organized for five and a half thousand people every day. To make this event successful, preparations are made every year 40 days before fasting. Huge temporary canopies were erected to protect the pilgrims from inclement weather. A little more than five lakh rupees has been spent to make the canopy this year. There are more than four hundred volunteers for Iftar distribution and supervision. Every day there are seven types of pada—singara, banana, chira, chickpea, phirni, date, egg. Now two and a half lakh taka is being spent on Iftar every day.

Last March 15 at around 11 o'clock in the premises of Nalta Rawza Sharif, it was seen that 30 employees were cooking Phirni, Shingara, Chhola Bhuna and eggs. Others are picking bananas and dates. A few are busy cleaning glass-plates. Many others are preparing places for the fasting people to sit.


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