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Home Business Ershadnama: News of agitations and scandals that were not printed

Ershadnama: News of agitations and scandals that were not printed

by endroar
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Such 'press advisories' continued even after the lifting of military rule. For example, it is said that on October 2, 1984, the robbery that took place in the golf club area yesterday will not be reported. The order of October 7 was that President Ershad was involved in the murder of Moyezuddin. Kamal Hossain's speech cannot be printed in any way. It is said that on October 9, a seminar on telecommunication is being held at Hotel Sonargaon. No army name can be printed in it. The order of October 11 was that nothing should be done about the hearing of Oli Ahad's case.

At that time, various kinds of advices were also given regarding the movement of political parties. For example, on October 14, 1984, there was an order that no news of mass gatherings of 15 parties, 7 parties and Jamaat would be allowed in Dhaka. The proposal of 15 parties about the armed forces will not pass, Khaleda Zia's statement about the Chief of Staff will not pass. The statements of Justice Sattar and Mirza Ghulam Hafiz will not go away. No emotion or excitement can be given to the news. On December 20, it is said that there will be no news about the strike for 48 hours on December 22-23. The order of 21 December was, politics off: no political news will go. Again, the order of March 1, 1985 was that the President's speech and any part of it cannot be criticized, the vote of confidence cannot be criticized, martial law, orders and military courts cannot be criticized. There will be no news of strike marches and meetings.

On April 15, it was said that the news of Ramna Botmool's stage occupation on Payala Boishakh will not go. On May 11, the news of the death of six people in Chapainawabganj public gathering by the police will not be reported. On May 29, it was said that the picture of the dead body cannot be printed. On June 8, it was said that the titles of political leaders cannot be printed, only the names can be printed. On August 16, it is said that no member of the Defense Service has been arrested for smuggling. The news of the announcement of the national front will go. But it will not go through any person, press conference or press release.

It is said that on September 9, there was a fight between the MP and the crowd near the Banani MP post. On September 22, there was an order that Bangladesh News Service (BSS) should print the jute news in large format. On September 23, it is said that not a single line of Sheikh Hasina's press conference will go through. On September 25, the President's speech in Chittagong was ordered; 'My people' will not go. It is said that on October 21, when President Ershad passed by TSC today, brickbats were thrown and protests were shown. Not a single line of it will go. On October 29, orders came that Kazi Zafar's sugar news should be specially 'highlighted'. On November 10, the President was asked about the strike. These things will not go away.


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