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Entertaining in Pangal society starts even before Eid

by endroar
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According to Manipuri Muslim writers-researchers and locals, the biggest religious festivals of the Pangal community are Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. Bengali Muslims and Pangals have many similarities in celebrating Eid, but there are also some differences. This difference is in dress, manners of entertainment.
On the occasion of Eid, men like Bengali Muslims buy Punjabi-pajamas, hats etc. for themselves and as gifts for relatives. Just as women buy salwar-kameez, they also buy traditional Manipuri clothing 'phanek' (wearing cloth), 'khudai ba innafi' (veil) from shopping malls, online and local markets. On the day of Eid, they gathered in the Eid congregation at the specific Eidgah of Pangals. Socialize with each other, share joy.

They have some different customs in terms of eating and drinking. Two or three days before the Eid, pitha is started to be made from house to house in Pangal houses. There are two types of round pita made of rice flour. One of them is made by mixing rice powder with various spices. Its name is 'Moroi Tal'. It is eaten with meat, with various fillings. The other is made by mixing rice powder with sugar or molasses, called 'chini tal'. Semai, noodles, sherbet etc. are also arranged along with pitha. Go to each other's house during Eid. Then the neighbor is entertained with this pie. Apart from this, when guests come, they are also entertained with this pitha. On the occasion of Eid, this cake is sent from the father's house to the daughter's house. Girls also send this pitha from their homes to their parents.


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