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Home Business Enrique holds Barcelona more than Xavi

Enrique holds Barcelona more than Xavi

by endroar
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Enrique was asked who holds Barcelona's football philosophy more, him or Xavi? Enrique replied directly, 'Undoubtedly I am. Look at the statistics. Look at possession, goal-scoring, high-press football or the number of trophies – everything. This is not an opinion. The data is right in front of you. There is no room for debate about it. Some may think differently but there is no doubt about it.'
Having Xavi in ​​both roles—teammate and disciple—how much of an advantage will that be before today's encounter? Enrique's answer to this question, 'I have not seen coach Xavi. I saw him as a player. But I know the Barcelona club very well but I don't know coach Xavi very well. I don't know if knowing Barcelona is an advantage or not. It can be the other way around!'


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