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English – Class VII

by endroar
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See the examples first. Then, write how auxiliary verbs are helping the principal verbs in the sentences that follow.

Read the first examples. Now write how the helping verb is helping the main verb to form the sentence.

Examples for your help:

● I do not drink contaminated (দূষিত) water. (To make negatives)

● Have you drunk (পান করছে) enough water? (To make a question)

● My friend from Cameroon was drinking bottled water. (To indicate an action happening in the past)

1. Do you watch a cricket match on television? _____ .

2. I do not like to wait for a long time. _____ .

3. My friend is helping me to clean the classroom. _____ .

4. I did not call you last night. _____ .

5. Didn’t (did not) you attend the last class? _____ .


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