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Home Business Embrace the joy of Eid with mehndi in bahari designs

Embrace the joy of Eid with mehndi in bahari designs

by endroar
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Ayesha Akhtar Shila, the owner of 'Mehndi Art Shila', told about how the mehndi design can be this Eid and what kind of precautions should be taken while applying mehndi.

While 'heavy designs' are preferred for wedding ceremonies, on Eid usually everyone prefers 'simple but varied' mehndi designs. But the design depends on the customer's choice.

As the trend of this year's Eid, Arabic and Mandala are more popular. Apart from this, there are watermarks, checks or grids, floral, minimalism, ornamental designs (Jhumka, chain, nupur, rings), mehndi designs in the pattern of buildings, tattoo styles, round designs, finger designs, palm leaves or domes etc.

There are three types of henna available in the market – organic, Indian and instant. However, many people are not relieved by this. So many people make different colored mehndi at home in a natural way. These include orange, reddish brown, dark brown etc.


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